Diego Schmunis
1 min readDec 25, 2023


Just be
Just do
Just breathe
Just wake up
Just open
Just live
Just move
Just choose
Just decide
Just forward
Just lay
Just time
Just still
Just work
Just smile
Just nourish
Just dream
Just exercise
Just architect
Just structure
Just loosen
Just meditate
Just accept
Just let
Just dare
Just jump
Just listen
Just see
Just feel
Just wonder
Just think
Just understand
Just practice
Just observe
Just try
Just strive
Just create
Just flow
Just write
Just correct
Just play
Just plan
Just improvise
Just express
Just act
Just fail
Just publish
Just improve
Just thrive
Just communicate

Just lead
Just recognize
Just apply
Just inspire
Just give
Just welcome
Just contemplate
Just share
Just embrace
Just experience
Just question
Just experiment
Just allow
Just empower
Just pause
Just deliver
Just participate
Just sing
Just smile
Just enjoy
Just relax
Just shout
Just wonder
Just laugh
Just love
Just miss
Just build
Just push
Just learn
Just contribute
Just collaborate
Just engage
Just ask
Just answer
Just accept
Just apologize
Just forgive
Just encourage
Just come
Just follow
Just explore
Just imagine
Just open
Just present
Just go
Just walk
Just stop
Just rest
Just reset
Just finish

Just start



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