On Being a Creator

Diego Schmunis
2 min readJan 16, 2023


Create, whatever your medium is, because you want to create.

Because you NEED to create.

Because you have something to express.

Because what you need to say can only be said by you.

Because you have something deep inside of you that you can no longer contain and you need to put it out there in the world.

Because you have a unique point of view or perspective of the world and your are searching for your tribe.

Create driven by a deep, passionate, but most importantly, intrinsic force that compels you to put a piece of you out there in the world.

Create because the process of creation is therapeutic and helps you process your ideas, thoughts and emotions.

Create because no other activity or endeavor can bring you the satisfaction of knowing that the world is, now, a little better because your ideas are free to roam around.

Create for the sheer joy of creation, without care or concern for who gets to consume your creation or what they think of it.

Create because creation is one of the purest forms of self expression and not because you are needing admiration, adoration, likes, followers, endorsements or some multimillion contract.

Create because you care about being a creator, an expressionist; not because you need to be call an “insert_ego_driven label_here.”

Create without fear, care or concern for other’s opinions (most people that criticize you will have never, ever… EVER created anything at all in their entire life) for you are the only one that needs to be satisfied with your creation and self-expression.

Create to soften your ego.

Create to overcome your fears and doubts.

Create to give life to your imagination and creativity.

Create to nurture and free your soul.



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